bowing from the bank

straw colored grasses touch water –

snails emerge to feast


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4 thoughts on “HAIKU #17

  1. jagworks says:

    Thanks for your honesty in all parts of your blog; it makes reading your work really enjoyable. Like you, writing is my dream and connecting with other writers/readers feels so healthy. I’ll be happily following your work.

  2. julespaige says:

    While we no longer have any…your piece reminded me of our ‘pets’ and inspired this renga:

    the goldfish ate them
    the one we won from the fair
    and his friends we bought

    even in the floating grasses
    the snails could not hide, from them

    special flakes floated,
    flitted confetti, down past
    goldfish eating snails

    (c) JP/davh

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