TANKAS #6, 7, & 8

past a winter moon

a cat walks the tall wood fence

cold pains those who feel

it has no dominion

over those who must be strong


down through the dormant

morning’s cold rain soaks the stray

I offer my hand

startled, she draws blood then flees

not all in life can be tamed


the sun finds my neck

I awaken with its touch

human once again

I join myself on the path

spirit and flesh move . . . forward



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9 thoughts on “TANKAS #6, 7, & 8

  1. Louise says:

    Your writing is beautiful…great to meet you :)

  2. SoHaiku says:

    Thanks for liking my site. Like the tankas, give space to really place the meaning.

  3. julespaige says:

    Dream states in sleep and waking are a unique challenge to capture. You have do so very nicely.

    • Clyde says:

      Thank you! I wrote these three tanka during the weeks that my son’s health was in crisis—you experience the world differently during such times. I was going to post them separately, but I noticed as I typed them out they were clearly part of a ‘whole.’ I’m pleased with how they look and feel together—and what they tell me about myself.

  4. geezergirl1 says:

    again… thanks for you lovely words. I love these three Tanka. So much true emotion. And you bring it all together in that last one. I love everything about that.

    • Clyde says:

      Thank you! As I explained in a previous comment, although I wrote these three separately – on different dates & at different times of the day – the same thing, life’s adversity & family concerns, were on my mind. As I typed them up from my notes I quickly realized they represented a ‘whole’ and should be presented that way. I’m glad you appreciated them!

  5. geezergirl1 says:

    oh.. n’ by the way… my friend’s surgery went well and hopefully, in the near future and after some chemo, she will find herself well again. Thanks for you kind words. We all need them. xo

    • Clyde says:

      Life throws some pretty harsh stuff at us, doesn’t it? Cancer visited our house a couple of years ago; things have been good since, but one is never quite the same.

      I’m very happy that your friend’s surgery went well – I happy for you as well! I’ll keep you two in my thoughts & prayers.

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